Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thirty-First Letter Home 26 March 2012

Hey, hows it going?

This week has been rather mundane; not to much new happened. The progress we've been making with our investigators is slow. We can't get any of our contacts to come to Church. People promise they will come. We set up rides for them, and then they don't show. It's super frustrating.

Then yesterday a member brought his boss and his boss's wife to Church with him. It was their first time, so they attended the Gospel Essentials class. We don't have a teacher, so I've had to wing the last three lessons. My companion doesn't want to do it, so I've been teaching all the Gospel Essential classes lately. I don't mind teaching though, it puts me in the position where I can steer the discussion, and hope to meet the needs of the potential investigators. But without fail, someone will feel the need to bring up something irrelevant and shift the class away from the lesson. I was talking about the Atonement and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ when a member interrupted me and said they wanted to learn about the war in heaven. Then they wanted to learn about the 1/3 that were cast out of heaven. Then they wanted to talk about Celestial Glory, and Endowments, and... can we give some milk before we try feeding them steak please? It's ridiculous. Our investigators get so confused. Ha-ha, so that was Sunday School, but we are very grateful for the member bringing them to Church, and we got a solid referral from the ward we've been trying to get one for nine weeks now. This week the member is going to have us and his friends over for dinner. I think there is some definite potential here. We gave the couple a copy of the Book of Mormon.

We continue to work with our other investigators. Austin was upset at us because we couldn't go shooting with him the other day. He was even planning on having friends there who we could talk to, but the handbook says no guns. President Weaver says no guns. This means Elder Thornton had to say "no guns" also. Trust me, that was difficult. But I'm glad I was obedient.

The Ward here is difficult to work with. We announced in Ward Council we had a family on date to be baptized for Easter Sunday, and they flipped out. (Forgive me for trying to baptized someone on the day Christ rose from the dead. It's not like baptism is symbolic or anything.) Apparently the problem stems from missionaries in the past who just went behind the Ward's back, so-to-speak. They would show up with baptism records after the fact. You would think now that the Ward has missionaries trying to communicate and work with them and do things the right way, they would be excited; but all they gave us was flack. They ate us alive in Ward Council. Totally uncalled for. First time missionaries have even bothered to show up to Ward Council in months, and they kicked us out after ten minuets. It is frustrating!

I'm trying. At the same time, I'm not going to allow their pride to deny people entrance into the Lord's Kingdom. I've got a job to do. It' will take time, and I will work at it. I promised Heavenly Father that I was going to leave this area better than I found it. And that's what I'm going to do.

That's about it, that was my rant. I'm sorry. I try not to complain. My companion does enough of that for the two of us, lol. Ha-ha, I like Elder Bowser, and though he hesitates to admit it: He is starting to like being a missionary. His testimony is growing. We've had quite a few little miracles this transfer. I told him, if you want to enjoy your mission, you've got to have the Holy Ghost with you. Galatians 5:22 "The fruits of the spirit are, joy... faith... peace... long suffering...." The influence of the Holy Ghost is what makes this work awesome. But, if you want him to hang out with you, you have to be obedient, and you've got to work. I think he is starting to see that. Yesterday, he told me to wake him up at 6:30 — "except on P-day!" Haha, the Spirit is getting to him.

Anyways, I hope you have a great week. I'm going to have a great week because I'm going to do everything I can to have the Holy Spirit with me. He makes everything good.

Bye guys.

Oh, another highlight of the week: I got to go take a tour of the 160th SOARs Spec Ops helicopters. Ask me about it in a couple years.


Elder Thornton

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