Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thirteenth Letter to Home 21 November 2011

Hey, whats up? Do you want to know something funny? Thanksgiving is this week... Weird, huh. 

This week has been AWESOME! We had three baptisms on Sunday! Whoohoo! Scott, Charna, and Nathan all got baptized. I am so excited -- you have no idea. I got to baptize Charna and Nathan, and Scott was baptized by one of the priests from the Port Townsend ward. The Lord has truly blessed us. I love being able to invite people to have the joy and feel the love that comes from following our Lord Jesus Christ. 

There is no greater feeling, than the love of our Father in Heaven. I love being able to see peoples eyes light up when they feel that love. I have been having a blast being a missionary, it is the best. 

We have another guy on date for next week, and we've been teaching a lady that will probably go on date soon. 

Elder Topp goes home in two weeks. December 5th is transfers, and I have a very high chance of staying here for another transfer, to take over the area. 

Corey Sabin comes here on the 5th, I'm so stoked, this place is awesome. 

We had our first whoosie snow storm on Friday, it actually does get pretty cold here. It isn't cold temperature wise, but humidity wise it's cold. We've had some nice days too; like today, we have a blue sky, and its pretty comfortable outside. I wear my North Face jacket, and it keeps me warm enough. I gave the coat I came up with to a missionary who didn't have one. He was tracting with a short sleeve shirt and a sweater vest lol. He was freezing. His coat got stolen, so I gave him mine. I'm plenty warm enough, especially with the Beanie and gloves you sent me. Thanks a lot for those.  

President Weaver has asked us to continue knocking on doors between 5 and 7pm, so we can catch people at home, but it is super dark at five. I've scared a few people: We are all blacked out, with black beanies, black gloves, black coats, black pants, and black shoes. With our collars turned up, we look like ninjas, and people don't see us coming lol. I just hope someone doesn't shoot me -- that would definitely put a damper on the evening, but end up making a really good journal entry. 

I get mistaken for a cop a lot. The missionaries in my zone say I look like one, and a few people on doorsteps have mistaken my backpack straps for a shoulder holster, (Haha) its all good though. The Lord protects us; I have no doubt. I have truly felt the love of our Heavenly Father, and I know He is there, but I have also felt the hatred of the adversary. He is definitely around as well. 

I don't get intimidated easily, but there have been a few nights that I have been scared. I felt the devils desire to destroy me, he is definitely not happy with the work that my companion and I are doing. 

The other night I felt him so aggressively that I instinctively put my guard up, set my feet, and scanned the room looking for the threat. Upon realizing where the threat was coming from, and feeling powerless to defend myself, I called upon Heavenly Father and begged him to send his Angels to protect us. They came. The adversary was forced to leave. Scary.... but, I know that as long as I'm obedient, I can rely on the Lord's protection. 

Anyways, miracles are happening out here, and I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome work. This week we are going to a member's home for Thanksgiving. I think that will be fun. It sure beats canned chili. 

It sounds like you guys are going to have a fun Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful week. I love you all.
Elder Thornton
Amber and Brad, I'm glad you guys are doing well. Good job on getting food storage. Have an awesome Thanksgiving. I just remembered we have a Subway out here. I like Subway (Haha).
Angela and Trevor, I love hearing stories about Bella and Xander, they are super funny. They make me laugh, and then the people sitting next to me in the library give me funny looks lol. I'm sorry you are feeling sick Angela, I hope your body adjusts soon. Have fun with Mom and Dad, and have a good Thanksgiving.
Mom and Dad, I bet you are excited to have the grand kids for Thanksgiving. That will be super fun. Thanks for sending me Vitamins, it would be nice if I could have some Cs as well. I don't think I have any. I can see how serotonin could be a real problem out here, 

President and Sister Weaver are awesome, I love them. They are super nice, personable people. President Weaver looks into your soul though when he looks into your eyes, it's pretty cool. He definitely has the gift of discernment. 

So the mission has a blog, its called the Beautiful WA-TAC or something. I bet if you googled it you would find it. There are pictures on there and stuff, maybe you could check it out. I'm sending home pictures and short video clips for Christmas. 

I love you, bye.

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