Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Seventeenth Letter Home 19 December 2011

Hey guys, how are you? 

I'm doing great, I'm loving driving, I love this area, and I really, really don't want to get transferred. There is a good chance that I will be transferred in four weeks. 

This week has been slightly slow because we haven't been able to meet with as many people as we wanted, and out of our 10-people teaching pool, only 3 are progressing. 

One of our jail investigators was released from jail the other day. He wants to be baptized, but because he is on probation, we can't set a date without the approval from the Mission President. We had an investigator on date for Christmas Eve, but she wants her kind of father-in-law from Utah to baptize her; so it probably won't happen until after the first. I'm praying that it happens before I leave. 

Her name is Jackie, and I've been working with her since my first transfer. She is a really good and sincere lady. She has made big changes in her life, and it has been awesome watching the Holy Ghost work with her. She has a cognitive disorder that makes it difficult for her to read. 

When I first met her, she could barely read at all. Now, she is able to read the Book of Mormon, and comprehend what it is saying. I have witnessed the power of the Holy Ghost in not only teaching and testifying of Christ, but also in quickening her mind and helping her read. 

She tries super hard, and her countenance gets brighter everyday. It is super cool. We had two "sandbag" children confirmed on Sunday. (Sandbag is a term given to someone who gets baptized but not confirmed. It comes from a quote from Joseph Smith in which he said that if someone is baptized but doesn't receive the Holy Ghost, it does as much good as baptizing a bag of sand.) They had been sandbags for over four months. We've been trying to get their dad to bring them to church this whole time, lol. When I told the Bishop that they should be coming, he and everyone else in his office started making bets about whether or not he would show up. Everyone kind of lost faith. But we kept inviting him, and he finally showed up. We have one more sandbag, and hopefully he will show up next Sunday. 

Being a missionary is really funny, the other day we dumped a recent convert's alcohol down the drain, and right now we are holding onto a guys terms of release from jail. The things we do seem crazy sometimes. 

Sometimes Elder Fosburgh has anxiety problems: he doesn't like to knock on doors that have "no trespassing" signs. The problem is half our area has no trespassing signs and no soliciting signs; so I knock anyways. It makes him nervous. I look at it like -- the Lamanites had a huge no trespassing sign on the road into town, and they enforced it with their clubs. But that didn't stop Ammon; and he ended up baptizing half the kingdom. Grouchy people need the gospel too. Elder Fosburgh and I get along well, he is a good missionary. I can easily get along with Elders who like to work, and who obey the rules. 

Unfortunately some of the missionaries in our district don't obey the Mission Rules. President Weaver is trying to pin point who has problems so he can try and help them to improve, but these Elders dont realize he is seeking there own good, and when they find out he is coming they run and hide the things they're not suppose to have making it difficult for him to correct them. 

I feel bad for President Weaver, there is a lot of misunderstanding right now, and even the older, more obedient missionaries don't seem to respect him. 

I love President Weaver; I think he is awesome. He is a brand new Mission President, and he doesn't put up with anybody's rebellious attitude. He leads by the Spirit, and I know the things he asks us to do are inspired. 

I'm having a lot of fun out here. 

Thanks for the packages and cards, I haven't opened the packages because Sister Weaver asked us to wait until Christmas, lol. She is fun. 

Have a great week, and Merry Christmas.

Ti volio tanto benne. Mia Mamma none tornata a casa. Mia Mamma a andata a la aereo porto aprendere mio papa. Ti mando tanti bachoni. Grazie for the post cards, Felliz Navidad. Love,
Elder Thornton.


Thank you so much for your letters. I enjoy reading them. I got your package, but I haven't opened it yet. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Hey Mom,

I do get to call home next Sunday, but only for 40 min. I think I did get a post card form Zia, I'll make sure to mention it. The Christmas Party was fun, and the ward parties were fun also. I have the package, but the Mission President's wife told us not to open them until Christmas, lol. I haven't opened it yet. Congrats on your new calling. I'll probably be calling around 2 or 3 o'clock your time.

Love you, bye.

Elder Thornton

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