Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thirty-Fourth Letter Home 16 April 2012

What's up?

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, and the goodies, and such things. I enjoyed them. I didn't have cake, but as you can see from my pictures I don't really need it, lol. But seriously. I've had a good week. Week one of transfer three in Fort Lewis is over.

We found a lady named Viki while tracting, took her on a Church tour, and put her on date for Cinco de Mayo! Fiestatism! Ha-ha, she came to church yesterday -- which was super awesome. That doesn't happen very much around here. Getting people to Church is like trying to storm Fort Bragg with a nerf gun. And then when you get them to Church, no one says hi or introduces themselves, which makes it really hard to get them there a second time. We are really trying to build up Ward relations. It's so hard though.

The problem that we have in the Church, as stated in General Conference, is that people aren't converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We as members are not reading the Book of Mormon like we should. Today I was reading in Alma chapter 60, where Captain Moroni is ripping the government for not sending reinforcements and supplies to him and his guys on the front line. He says, "And now, my beloved brethren -- for ye ought to be beloved; yea, and ye ought to have stirred yourselves more diligently for the welfare and the freedom of this people; but behold, ye have neglected them insomuch that the blood of thousands shall come upon your heads for vengeance; yea, for known unto God were all their cries, and all their sufferings -- Behold, could ye suppose that ye could sit upon your thrones, and because of the exceeding goodness of God ye could do nothing and he would deliver you? Behold, if ye have supposed this ye have supposed in vain."

There are people all around us who are suffering. I'm in their homes everyday, I see the desperate father with his crying wife and newborn baby, looking for work. I see the crack heads desperate for another fix. I see the gang bangers stuck in a life of violence and crime. I see the soldiers, suffering from PTSD, and fear in their eyes knowing they're about to be deployed to another battle field, where the enemy is even less distinguishable than the one in Iraq. The Gospel is the only thing that can take away these people's suffering. Christ suffered for all of us, and his arms are opened to all. Knowing this, how could we ever turn our backs on those who show even the slightest desire to hear the Gospel? We will be held responsible if we don't make an effort to impart the glorious blessings we've been given from Heavenly Father to our brothers and sisters. We need to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then, we need to share it with others.

I love being a missionary. I love my investigators. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I love them, and I would do anything that's right for them. Heavenly Father blesses us so much. The Holy Ghost whispers into my ear and tells me what I need to do, what I need to say, and where I need to go. I do my best to follow these promptings. On many occasions, I've turned the car around, and went out of my way to see a specific person the Spirit has prompted me to go see. The Delgado family was baptized because of a simple prompting. We found a new investigator yesterday, because of a prompting. I love being a missionary.

Guys, I love all of you. I am so grateful for you, and the support you give me. I pray every night for your welfare, and thank Heavenly Father for the wonderful family and friends he has blessed me with. My greatest desire is to be the Lord's servant. I want to be an instrument in His hands in blessing the lives of His children. I have many flaws and weaknesses, and the adversary tries to exploit them and discourage me. It is incomprehensible that my Savior Jesus Christ even suffered for me while I'm serving him. He felt my discouragement. He suffered for my inadequacies. How could I not give Him my all? I love you, have a good week. Sorry these letters have been rather solemn, but these are the things I've been thinking about.


Elder Thornton

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