Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fourth Letter Home 13 September 2011

Hey, I love it here. It is gorgeous! I am in the furthest north point of the mission, right next to all the bays and harbors. Mom, you would love this place. My trainer is super tight, his name is Elder Andreason. My town is Port Townsend, and it is basically made up of crazy forrests and the sea.

Yesterday, we met the mission president, President Weaver, and he is super nice. I like him. The missionaries here seem super excited about the work, and the departing Elders and Sister absolutely loved their missions here. I love it too.

I went tracting for two hours yesterday, with pretty much no success. It was great. Most people were nice to us, only a few shut their doors in our faces. Haha this one guy smiled and laughed at us as he shut his door... he thought he was funny.

My companion and I taught the Restoration last night to an investigator who is really interested in the church. Her name is Dana Carpenter.  Wow, she is so ready for the Gospel. God really does prepare people to come unto him through Baptism. She committed to be baptised in four weeks. She wants to read the Book of Mormon and know if it is true or not. I know that she will know its true alot sooner than that. Elder Andreason and I both taught together, and it was awesome. Our lesson went well. I'm trying my best, and I'm not allowing myself to be shy or nervous.

The members here don't really like the missionaries a whole lot, because they have had some bad ones in the past. We are gonna try to improve our relationship with them. When we are obedient everything works out: God blesses us by providing us with people to teach, and the members learn to trust us enough to introduce us to their friends.

Heavenly Father has been so good to me. He allowed me to serve this mission, and he sent me to this beautiful place. I am so excited about this work. I know the church is true, I know that we have a living Prophet on the Earth today, and I know that there is no other way that we can be saved then through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ all things are possible. Ether 12:27- its not just our sins, but even our weaknesses can be turned into strengths through him. Put your trust in Heavenly Father, he always follows through, and he loves us immeasurably. I know that as we follow his will, we are blessed. I can promise you, that you will be blessed if you follow him.

Amber, thanks so much for your Email. Your primary class sounds so fun lol. I hope the lessons those children learn in Primary always stick with them. If you set a goal, like serving a mission, Heavenly Father will help you accomplish it. I love you so much, and I'm glad your cruise was really fun. Someday all of you should come see this place, It is super pretty.

Angela, I loved those cupcakes you sent me. I gave most of them to my district, and they were all really happy. Tell Bella that I am so grateful that she prays for me. I love her and miss her so much.  Us missionaries are prayed for by the Prophet and the Apostles every Thursday at 11:00am in the Salt Lake Temple. God always hears the prayers of His prophets, and of little children, so I know I'm set lol. I wondered if you ever drove past the MTC... I kind of hoped we would accidentally bump into each other sometime lol. Elder Heiner was hilarious, it was his first time on a plane, and he really like it.

I love you a ton. Tell Bella I love her so much.

I love everyone so much, and I really appreciate your support. My new address is:

800 Hancock Street Apt #B7
Port Townsend, WA 98368


Elder Thornton

P. S.  Here are a few photos from around Port Townsend, Washington.

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