Elder Michael Thornton

Elder Michael Thornton
24 August 2011 to August 2013

Monday, September 5, 2011

Second Letter Home 5 September 2011

I tried to write last week, but I didn't have the new email address. I can only write once a week, and that is on Mondays. I got my travel itinerary, and I leave next Monday the 12th. I am so stoked. All the days here are kind of blending together. I'm a zone leader now, and so Elder Heiner and I got to teach the new Elders, and show them around and stuff. They are all really nice, and they seem committed to being good missionaries. It was kind of embarassing though, becuase we got lost during the tour we took them on... thats what happens when you put brand new Elders in leadership positions. We are becoming better teachers, and Elder Heiner and I are getting better at transitions. I still do most of the talking, but we are working on it. Its funny, because we will be teaching one of our investigators, and I'll get done teaching a point in the lesson, and I'll look over at Elder Heiner, and he'll be like, "What? Wait... the restoration?" And then I'll just keep talking. He's great though, and when he testifies, he is powerful.Teaching these investigators is tough, because they don't see why the gospel will help them. We work really hard, bearing our testimonies, and inviting them to come closer to their Father in Heaven through prayer, but until they feel like they need to change, we don't make any progress. Our toughest investigators are our teachers, because they really get into their roles. Richard, Brother Tominaga, is a farmer, and his wife is a member. He says he wants to know if the Gospel is true so he can either support his wife in taking the kids to church, or not... Haha he is kind of a pain. We love him though, and I think we are starting to help him see how the Gospel will benefit him. He prays and reads the Book of Mormon, but he isn't quite feeling it yet. We also have taught Stephan, Brother Prawett, and he likes to play Halo and party. He is hard to teach because he gets really bored, and he is easlily distracted. He's funny though, he remindes me of alot of the kids from high school. We only taught him once. I think our favorite investigator is Chicho. He is from Napoli, and he likes Elder Heiner and I.  He is Catholic, and his baby son died a few hours after he was born. Chicho feels responsible for his baby going to "Limbo," because he didn't have him baptized. We showed him Moroni 8: 8, and he loved it. His interest in the Book of Mormon sky rocketted after that, and the next time we showed up, he not only read the Introduction and Moroni 10, but he read eight chapeters out of 1 Nephi. Haha the first thing he asked me that day was why God told Nephi to kill Laban... The Holy Ghost helped me on that one, I can't even remember what I said. But what I said made sense to him, and we were able to continue on with our lesson. Next time we teach, we are going to invite him to be baptized, and set a date.  I know he has felt the spirit during our disscussions. I love this place. Elder Holland came and spoke to us last Tuesday. It was awesome, I know that he is an Apostle of Jesus Christ.
Thanks for the cupcakes Angela and Trevor. I can't get mail until Tuesday. The last mail I got was some post cards from Amber and Brad, they look like they are having fun.  I have to go...
I love you all very much,
Elder Thornton
P.S. can you send me the lyrics to Come Thy Fount in the mail? We all love that song, but it isn't in the Hym book.

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